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     Bring Music to Your Life Anytime!

    Pinoy parties are usually not complete without a karaoke machine. Even when there’s nothing to celebrate, Filipinos love singing as a pastime. Some enjoy singing along to the latest hits on the radio, while others even go to the nearest KTV bars just to have a fun night of singing. 

    With a Platinum Karaoke, you can sing and belt your heart out anytime!

    The Latest and Most Advanced Karaoke Systems

    Platinum Karaoke offers a range of advanced karaoke systems, providing you with easy-to-use and high-quality devices for a wonderful singing experience.

    From USB compatibility to full HD video playback, we make sure that our karaoke systems include all the features you need and love in karaoke singing. 

    In addition, we offer quality karaoke accessories, such as amplifiers, speakers and microphones so you can have the best karaoke players to take your experience to the next level.

    More Than 19,000 OPM & International Songs

    With over 19,000 OPM and international songs in our karaoke units, you’ll surely have a blast going through your favorite classics, Top 20s, dance songs, and OPM hits, played with multiple background videos. With our karaoke system’s audio processor and recording function, you can create the best mix of vocals and music for the best performance every time. More importantly, we continuously update our song list. 

    Because we value you, our customers, you can always request for your favorite songs to be included in our next volume of Platinum updates. With this unique feature, you’ll never run out of new songs to sing along with and impress your colleagues.

    Reliable Support & Service Centers

    Our customers’ satisfaction is always our top priority. To ensure high-quality service at all times, we provide our customers with online support and a number of service centers across the country. Our team of technical experts is always available online; they’re one chat or email away whenever you need them. 

    Our service centers in Manila, Taguig, Dagupan, Legazpi, Baguio, and Cebu are all easily accessible to customers in need of technical assistance. With our excellent karaoke systems and top-notch customer service, you can expect a great karaoke experience anytime you want it. If you like singing your heart out within the comforts of your own home

    give us a call today to get the best deal!

    More about Platinum Karaoke

    Singing – and the karaoke – has always been a big part of the Filipino culture. As we always say, Filipino parties will not be complete without a karaoke system. But even without any celebration, Pinoys love singing leisurely. So, it is but fitting that there is a product that can provide this unique entertainment which Filipinos love anytime they’re in the mood for it. 

    Platinum Karaoke is one of the remarkable offers of Vismay International Corporation. 

    The company started operating in 2000 focusing on the wholesale distribution of TV gaming units, handheld consoles, and gaming accessories all over the Philippines. 

    In June 2009, Vismay International Corporation established a sister company, Mighty iCore International Corporation. 

    In 2010, Mighty iCore International Corporation became the sole distributor of Platinum Karaoke products in the Philippines. With the mission to provide Filipinos with high-quality, innovative, and reasonably priced products, the company continued to develop entertainment systems, including Platinum Karaoke systems. Today, Platinum Karaoke offers the most advanced karaoke units in the country.

    wide Expansion

    In early years of Platinum Karaoke, it provides entertainment satisfaction to different commercial karaoke bars and other entertainment establishments such as TimeZone. 

    In 2014, Platinum Karaoke opened more than 25 stores across the country to make its products available to more consumers. In the same year It introduced, three of the latest editions of Platinum Karaoke: Platinum T40+ Kapitan, Platinum N20 Nano+, and Platinum H40+ Hermosa. Some of the said units was designed for home entertainment. From commercial establishments, Platinum Karaoke shift its goal to bring joy to every home.

    In 2015, Platinum Karaoke released the very first Android powered Karaoke System – Platinum Major HD10. Together with the innovation, Platinum Karaoke welcomed two (2) great ambassadors – Angeline Quinto and Vice Ganda. 

    Through this event and development, Platinum Karaoke reached out thousands of homes and update hundreds of establishments in that same year. 

    In 2016, Platinum Karaoke grew wider by having two (2) additional ambassadors – Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards. 

    Platinum Karaoke didn’t just reach every home but also give every karaoke the chance to maximize their karaoke experience by having its latest karaoke machine in its line of portable models – Platinum Alpha. 

    Year 2018, Platinum Karaoke announced Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo fondly called as “KathNiel” as the newest Brand Ambassadors. KathNiel is promoting the line of new SMART Karaoke – Cello, Alpha, and Major HD. 

    In 2019, Platinum Karaoke proudly announced the Asia’s Phoenix, Morissette as the newest Brand Ambassador! She has a very distinct tone that can adapt to many music genres that’s why she was chosen to be Platinum Karaoke’s newest Brand Ambassador and recently we launched a TVC commercial featuring Morissette using the Platinum Alpha karaoke. 

    Today, Platinum Karaoke brings the power to everyone for a uniquely awesome karaoke experience. With more than 19,000++ songs to choose from. Platinum Karaoke indeed a great way of bringing music to your life.