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    Madam Inutz joins Platinum Karaoke

    Madam Inutz joins Platinum Karaoke

    “It’s the best start! Na-overwhelmed ako sa mainit na pagtanggap nila sa akin sa Platinum Karaoke family
    .”, says Ms. Daisy Lopez a.k.a Madam Inutz at Platinum Karaoke Corporate Office last September 22, 2021.


    Platinum Karaoke marked a day for contract signing and a fun-filled meet and greet as they welcomed Madam Inutz, the Social Media Star of Online Selling, now a part of Platinum Nation, and guested LIVE in #PlatinumKaraokeLive. 


    Madam Inutz is a much favorable influencer of the brand as she represents the “masa”, a crowd who always seeks fun in every aspect of life. Being true to herself and pays off her hard work for online selling to support her family, Madam Inutz is also fond of singing. Same with her, Platinum Karaoke pledges to provide high-quality karaoke systems that bring fun to all Filipinos that complete family bonding - making it a strong and indestructible singing nation. 


    In one of her FB live episodes - Daisy_licious Ukay Page, the Platinum Karaoke KS100 Minibox was being promoted by Madam Inutz as the cheapest, most portable, and most functional 2-in-1 karaoke where it can be a TV box and can be a karaoke too. It’s perfect for cars, outdoor and very lightweight so you can bring it anywhere you want. What’s more? Madam Inutz’ “Inutil” single will be now part of your Platinum Karaoke system soon with numbers 2 9 9 9 9 and will be sung by the many. Watch out for more Platinum Karaoke products featured in Madam Inutz social media accounts as it appears in her FB Live, Kumu and Instagram promos.


    As quoted by Madam Inutz, “Mga Inutz, bumili na ng Platinum Karaoke KS100 Minibox para may silbi! Oooh jiiivaaa!”


    The Platinum Karaoke has launched its newest TV Commercial featuring Morissette that promotes Platinum Karaoke’s wide range of products. The TV commercial also offers an insight about the factors that separates Platinum Karaoke from the rest.

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    The Platinum Karaoke launches its new TVC featuring the SMART Karaoke – Cello

    The Platinum Karaoke launches its new TVC featuring the SMART Karaoke – Cello

    The Platinum Karaoke has launched its newest TVC "Harana" featuring the SMART Karaoke – Cello, that connects to the Platinum Link App and conveniently turns your smartphone to a karaoke monitor. The campaign will be fronted by a TVC that offers an insight into the company’s approach to bring to the Philippines a SMART and portable Karaoke system.

    The TVC features Platinum’s brand ambassadors and Filipino favorite real-life couple Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo. In the TVC, Daniel is trying to appease and mollify his lady love Kathryn. But, when flowers and chocolates don’t work Daniel brings the new portable CELLO karaoke player and sings “nasa iyo na ang lahat” for his sweetheart. Seeing this Kathryn cannot resist and joins Daniel and both of them start singing using wireless microphones.

    You too can enjoy Karaoke singing with your dear ones just like #Kathniel, anytime anywhere! Get the truly portable Karaoke player – Cello that gets connected to the Platinum Link App. There is no need to connect your Karaoke player to your television sets anymore!

    To watch the TVC featuring your favorites Kathniel, click here.

    Platinum Karaoke Announces #KathNiel as Brand Ambassadors

    Platinum Karaoke Announces #KathNiel as Brand Ambassadors

    Platinum is extremely excited to announce Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo as our newest Brand Ambassadors!


    Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo, fondly called as “KathNiel” by fans, are undoubtedly today’s Philippines showbiz’s top. Daniel Padilla has established himself as a Star singer with top grossing digital music albums to sold-out concerts across the globe. The multi-talented artist has not only been the face of a number ABS-CBN mobile campaigns but is also listed as Top 10 most streamed OPM artists on Spotify. Kathryn Bernardo has been involved in singing ventures such as her guest appearances for Daniel Padilla's concert "DOS" and her participation in the soundtrack albums of her prime time television shows.


    The love pair have established themselves as “Teen Icons” in the movies and music industry. Team Platinum is thrilled to have this surreal love pair on board. KathNiel is promoting the line of new SMART Karaoke – Cello, Alpha, and Major HD. These Platinum SMART Karaoke players that have advanced features, give you the perfect platform to sing all your favourite songs.


    Music feeds the soul and touches the body; music pulls at our hearts in the most unusual ways, nurturing, comforting, exhilarating, soothing, and strengthening us. Bring colour to your life with KathNiel’s favourite Platinum Karaoke.