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    The Platinum Blog

    Platinum Karaoke Full Year Beat

    Everything’s back on track, Ka-Platinum! With Level 1 happening in the Metro, Platinum Karaoke has bounced back and ready to challenge Platinum Nation with year-round events and fun surprises!


    New songs unleashed!

    We heard your requests, Ka-Platinum! With our fastest song updates, we guarantee that you are FIRST! There’s no way to stop your karaoke experience. Hear the beats of the most trending songs for every song update and cd release every now and then. No FOMO, but you’re a powerful solo.



    Bida ka, Ka-Platinum!

    We are getting bigger, bolder, and much louder as we feature our Ka-Platinum with the seal “CERTIFIED” in all parts of the country. We are one with you for bringing a stronger Platinum Nation. Get to know our Ka-Platinum in their karaoke -shopping hauls in SM Stores, All Home, SM Appliance, and other retail outlets!


    Add to cart for more rewards.

    Platinum Karaoke opens in 2022 with the most intriguing discounts, more cashback, and free shipping vouchers only found in our Official Flagship Store in Lazada and Shopee. Don’t forget our website too, for the newest products in town, free international shipping promos, and surprising perks and bundles! Not just rewards, we also partnered with new payment facilities to make it lighter for you. Shop the best karaoke, only with the best karaoke maker in the country – Platinum Karaoke.  Not just adding carts but watch out for more Platinum Karaoke satellite kiosks to be placed nationwide!


    Sing it loud, stream it live!

    Your unbeatable “panghapong-bisyo karaoke livestream” just got better. More gifts, more surprises to make the country a stronger Singing Nation. Our lively hosts will surely bring fun kantahan and kulitan on everyday livestream!

    Catch it live daily, Monday to Friday every 3pm in the afternoon.


    Beat and Shoot!

    As hot as the sun, Platinum Karaoke hit the limelight, both in sports and entertainment as Team Platinum Karaoke screeched the floor once again for the 2nd Conference of PBA 3x3! Catch the games in PBA Rush and OneSports. Bagged as 2nd from the 1st Conference, let’s cheer to Team Platinum Karaoke in the realm of basketball. Not just that! Team Platinum Karaoke also amazed the Filipino community in Bali, Indonesia during the ABL 3x3 International Champions Cup and we bagged it 3rd!


    Closer to you, Ka-Platinum!

    And more Platinum Karaoke stores are opening in your neighborhood, not just in Metro Manila but in provinces too like Roxas City in Capiz. More Platinum Karaoke sites coming your way so visit our booths now and enjoy so much shopping of Platinum Karaoke model selections, speakers, amplifiers, and other essentials! Plus, we will be very glad to hear your “SAMPLE!” in our booths.   


    Ready, set, SING!

    Singing Contest?  – A big YES! We know that you are rooting for it. With loads of excitement, product giveaways, and cash prizes, we know that you don’t want to miss it. Stay tuned to our social media channels for updates to know more.   


    Get a full karaoke experience, shop only with the best - Platinum Karaoke. Add to cart now in, in our retail partners like SM Store, SM Hypermarket and Supermarket, SM Appliance, Robinsons Appliance, All Home, Homeworks Basement, Abensons, Ansons and Metro Stores and many more. You can also visit our trade partners in Quiapo, Cebu and Davao.

    Be part of the strongest Singing Nation – The Platinum Nation! Follow our social media channels for the latest promos and updates: Facebook Page: The Platinum Karaoke, Instagram: @platinumkaraoke, Twitter: PlatinumKRK and YouTube: PlatinumKaraokeOfficial.

    Platinum Karaoke Gives Back with Paskong Pinoy

    Platinum Karaoke Gives Back with Paskong Pinoy

    They said that the Philippines has the longest Christmas season among all the countries, and Platinum Karaoke made it even more special, an unforgettable, wonderful experience “with a heart” for every Filipino family. Last Dec. 1, Platinum Karaoke launched Paskong Pinoy campaign where followers answered the question: “Paano kayo magce-cecelebrate ng Pasko ngayong Dec. 25,2021?”. Among 284 entries, three (3) lucky families were chosen to experience Platinum Karaoke Paskong Pinoy.
    Meet Ms. Abe Mahilom, a Promonatics from Las Pinas City. She answered the question with “Simple lang kami mag-cecelebrate ng Pasko basta’t sama sama at masaya dahil may pandemya pa din. Ano man ang mangyari sa aming buhay, kahit nawalan ng trabaho ang aking asawa ay tuloy pa din ang hamon ng buhay”.

    Platinum Karaoke made it further by going to Binan, Laguna - the answer of Ms. Susan Akmad. She replied, “Ngayong Pasko po ay magcecelebrate kami sa aming munting tahanan. Wala man po kaming ibang handa maliban lang sa ulam at kanin pero masayang-masaya po ako at labis na nagpapasalamat sa Diyos dahil magkakasama kami ng buo at walang nagkakasakit.

    Lastly, the answer from Mis Lag Andres from downtown Rosario Pasig City stated in her comment: “I-cecelebrate namin ang Pasko dahil sa wakas, nabuo muli ang aming pamilya dahil makakauwi na ang aking asawa sa loob ng dalawang taon na di namin siya nakasama kaya susulitin ko po ang pagkakataon na ito para maging masaya at memorable ang aming Pasko.

    Aside from the 3 winners who responded to the promo question, their respective barangays automatically received Platinum Karaoke KS100 Minibox - Ang Karaoke na, TV box pa! These were Barangay Almanza Uno of Las Pinas City, Barangay Ganado of Binan Laguna and Purok 4 of Barangay Rosario, Pasig City. They were very grateful and were very surprised to receive KS100 Minibox which they can use for their barangay activities.

    “Napakaswerte namin dahil may isa kaming taga-barangay na sumali sa promo ‘nyo. Kaya pati tuloy kami, nabiyayaan ngayong Pasko. Salamat sa inyo, Platinum Karaoke.” stated by Barangay Chairman of Las Pinas.

    From the makers of the best quality karaoke, it’s always been Platinum Karaoke that has an infinite generosity to win the hearts of every Filipino community. And as a way of giving back sa lahat ng malalakas, ang Platinum Karaoke as laging nagpapasalamat. Merry Christmas and New Happy Year! It’s time to sing your heart out loud and bring music to your life!

    Game ON! Platinum Karaoke PLAYs in PBA 3x3!

    Game ON! Platinum Karaoke PLAYs in PBA 3x3!

    You’ve read it right, Platinum Nation! Platinum Karaoke brought it to another level! Your favorite karaoke brand will now be seen on PBA 3x3. Composed of 5 players, Platinum Karaoke push the four corners of the basketball court to win as Champion this 1st Conference.

    Starring with Karl Dehesa as the mystic player to guard and slit any hurdle. Be challenged with Chris De Chavez, the team’s winning sonic. And don’t dare to come close to JR Alabanza found at the center ‘coz no one skips from the eye of this giant. See Yutien Andrada, together with Ryan Monteclaro and Joshua Webb, who would push the game forward and will never let leave your seats.

    “All had safe rehearsals, we took and followed safety protocols as the players of Team Platinum Karaoke had been working on, from the time of the lockdowns. It never made them stop practicing and beating ‘coz this team, the team we created... This is the team where the brand is all about.” stated by Mr. Gerber Manahan, Team Captain of Platinum Karaoke.

    “And not just physically but also spiritually, because any team would need guidance, and focus… We value most our friendship to make our team stronger and win in every game.”, said Dylan Ababou as Asst. Head Coach, with Coach Anton Altamirano, both putting their sweats to train Team Platinum Karaoke.

    With support coming from Gameville and ActiveSports, our Platinum Karaoke Team is very much overwhelmed and ready to press PLAY this November on TV5 in PBA Rush and One Sports Channel, with streams in Smart Sports and Puso Pilipinas FB Pages.

    It’s true what has been stated all along: Platinum Karaoke Brings Music to your Life… and GAME dahil Platinum Karaoke lang ang malakas!

    Sing, Shop, and Save in Platinum Karaoke Warehouse Sale

    Sing, Shop, and Save in Platinum Karaoke Warehouse Sale

    Start your karaoke shopping this BER month as we opened our doors once again to all Ka-Platinums to experience our biggest Warehouse Sale ever!

    Situated along with Sunyo Compound inside Veterans Center in Taguig City, customers will surely get the best deals and will be overjoyed with much savings up to 80% off on selected items! 

    Your What to Buy Guides

    Karaoke machines:

    Each Platinum Karaoke Major Hd10 and Cello is sold at P10,000. You can buy Kapitan 2 or Reyna3 for only P4,000, Flute and Reyna 3c at P3,500. Bmb One at P5,000, while Nano and Hermosa are sold at P1,000 each. All Reyna SE stans will be amazed at it sells P3,000 per unit only here at Warehouse Sale. Plus, see KS5 with jaw-dropping price of P1,500 and P20 for only P2,000!

    Shop for Sultan MA 350r for only P3,500, MA 350 at P3,000, Mx 300 for only P2,500 while you can score Mx 300r for only P2,800! 

    Sound Bars:
    TSB80w at P1,500, S20 at P2k, S40 at P4k, S60 from P5,000, and S80 at P6,000. Get that full upgrade if you pick M50 for only P3,000.

    Want something more? Buy the portable Tr12d Speaker for only P3,500. Get ready to bring your house down with Trekker Bluetooth Speaker for only P2,500, Eco Boulder at P5,000 while AD106 at P4,000 only.

    What better way to sing is to pair up your karaoke with powerful microphones. Buy the PTW 300 microphone for only P2,000, the KSW 300 for only P1,000, U20 at P1,800, U40 at P2,800 while the wired KS5000 is at P300 only! What a great deal!

    The Bonus
    Our Service Center is just a few steps away from the kiosk! If you need song updates and unit clean-up, thanks to our very efficient Service Center Representatives who will always accommodate and ease your day with a smile.

    It’s not just about getting the best price, bag it bundles too to get more value for your money and begin to sound upgrade your homes this Pre-Christmas season.


    What to bring and what to expect

    Make sure to bring your car ‘coz we’re sure you’ll buy a lot. Practice safety protocols like wearing masks and faceshield, sanitize, create distance and bring cash for a full-karaoke shopping day experience.

    Shop now, save now, and sing at your homes ‘coz this sale event is until supplies last only! Our Platinum Karaoke Warehouse Sale is open from 8am to 5pm, Mondays thru Saturdays in Sunyo Compound Bldg 2, Veterans Center Taguig City.

    Watch out for more events by liking and following The Platinum Karaoke social media accounts: Platinum Karaoke | Facebook, PlatinumKRK in Twitter, PlatinumKaraoke on Instagram, and don’t forget to subscribe in our YouTube Channel - Platinum Karaoke for more video and unboxing updates. For more promos, shop on our website or in Platinum Karaoke Flagship Stores in Lazada and Shopee.

    Platinum Karaoke Brings Music in the New Normal

    Platinum Karaoke Brings Music in the New Normal

    Safe, free, and confident Filipinos.

    Kudos to everyone who got vaccinated! Whether you had the 1st or the 2nd dose, you are now free – free of being scared, free of being paranoid, free from worries and pretensions. Because after all, we want to be free, and do things that make us happy.

    As the vaccination of the Philippine government rolled out, we are now certain that businesses are bouncing back, picking up from the point where everything stopped. We are now bounded with confidence and power making our passion unstoppable and live life in full again.

    Let the fun continue.

    Let’s stand for a moment where we could sing our hearts out, feel the good vibes brought about by raindrops this month, and soon, the lyrics and music will fill the air. But wait, we can’t go out yet, right? So why not bring a karaoke with you? Platinum Karaoke brings Music to your Life and homes so you can enjoy a full-packed entertainment system that is fun, easy to set up, and values the bonding of real family time.

    Let us not forget that home is the best shelter where we can spend time most of our quarantine periods. Should we say, quarantine stay for a year or so? Nah, let’s rather say QUARANTINE FUN CONTINUES with Platinum Karaoke.

    With a wide array of music collections, song updates, favorite artists lists, you can relate to any type of day. According to Jimi Hendrix, “Music is a safe kind of high” – it has power, it can be a switch that can turn you on, and a latch to plunge upwards from depression to bliss. Spending time with family, or with your friends would take care of our mental being, our emotional stress got vaccinated with a treatment that’s solely came from music and voices that are so powerful and made beyond soothing.

    For the best quality karaoke, shop at to Bring that Music to your Life and experience full entertainment in your homes. Take advantage of our promos and updates at