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    K-Box 2 with Free Wired Microphone

    K-BOX 2 KS-40+

    + KS-3000 MICROPHONE

    With the added Coin Function, the KS-40+ K-Box 2 is not just for homes but for business use also. Enjoy the K-Box 2 with your family while getting a little extra income from it. Budget friendly with tons of karaoke songs and user content capability; you will never keep wanting for more.

    • Songs can be updated by purchasing the new vol. of CD.


    DVD Player

    Watch your favorite DVD videos and play songs while enjoying crisp picture and excellent sound quality. Make your family movie nights an enjoyable experience.

    Over 17,000 English and OPM Songs

    Enjoy our extensive library of licensed OPM and English songs. Our collection incorporates Classics, Standards, Ballads and latest hits.
    With so many songs, you would never want more.

    Ergonomic Size

    The ergonomic size of K-Box 2 with its easy to setup functionality ensures effortless usage.

    Professional Level Performance

    K-Box 2 is designed for both, Home and Professional use. It has functions and ruggedness to perform very well in commercial applications.

    Korean Technology

    Our Karaoke units are designed and developed in Korea. Songbook and Song list are also made in Korea.

    12 Months Warranty Period

    One (1) year parts and labor on Power Adapter and Wireless Mic for units (Alpha, Alpha 1.5, Cello 1.5, Piano, Piano 1.5). 

    Three (3) Months parts and labor on Remote Controller, PCB Remote, RCA, Video Output, SD Card, and Wireless Mic. 

    Product Warranty Excludes the following: Batteries, Song Book, Song list, User Manual Disc.

    New Song updates guaranteed

    A new Volume of CDs with latest and up-to-date songs is released every 6 months. Never miss out on new and upcoming hits.

    Additional Features

    Multiple Background Videos

    Intelligent Scoring

    DVD Movie and Music Function

    On-Screen Song Search

    Supports Music and Video Playback via USB Interface

    Infrared Remote Sensor

    Composite Video Out

    Specification and Features


    • USB 2.0 (input)

    • LED Display

    • Infrared Remote Sensor

    • Backlit Panel Buttons

    • Composite Video Out

    • RCA Audio Out

    • Coin-in Function

    Storage, Microphone and Power

    • DVD Dual Layer 8.5GB

    • 2 High Quality Microphones Inputs With Volume and Echo Controls

    • Auto Volt AC 110 - 220 | 50-60 Hz | 10W


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