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    Piano V1.6 with Free Wired Microphone
    ₱12,999.00NOW ₱7,995.00

    The Piano v1.6 is designed for both Home and Professional use. It incorporates the latest functions in a karaoke system, also having unique features only seen in this platform compared to other model in its class. The Piano v1.6 uses a micro SD Card content storage; this presents users with functional space for storing personal contents. This model is also designed to be portable, with 12V power requirement, therefore making it ideal for out-of-home use. Platinum Link App is now available for Piano v1.6.


    - Platinum Link app compatible

    - Song Update every 4 months

    - Multiple Background Videos

    - On-screen Song Search

    - Recording Function


    INTERFACE: Digital Video Out ●Composite Video Out ●RCA Audio Out  ●2 Wired Microphone Inputs ●Infrared Remote Sensor ●Score-In Jack ●Coin-In Jack

    I.R Extension Port ●DC 5V Out ●Micro SD Card Port ●USB 2.0 Input STORAGE: ●32 Micro SD Card MICROPHONE: ●2 High Quality Microphone Inputs with Echo Effect POWER: ●DC 12V 1.5A Power Adapter ●Auto Volt AC 110 - 220 Volt Input ●50-60 Hz ●18 watts

    Highlights and Features

    12 Months Warranty Period

    One (1) year parts and labor on Power Adapter and Wireless Mic for units (Alpha, Alpha 1.5, Cello 1.5, Piano, Piano 1.5). 

    Three (3) Months parts and labor on Remote Controller, PCB Remote, RCA, Video Output, SD Card, and Wireless Mic. 

    Product Warranty Excludes the following: Batteries, Song Book, Song list, User Manual Disc.


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